In the event of an assessment pursuant to Section 6.44.120, the City Clerk shall file in the office of the County Recorder a certificate substantially in the following form:
   Under the authority of Government Code Section 38773.5 and Section 6.44.010 et seq. of Ordinance No.         , the City did on               , 20    , abate a nuisance upon the real property hereafter described and then on             20    , did assess the cost of the abatement upon the real property. The record owner (or possessor) of such property was                             (name and address). The City of Anaheim claims a special assessment on the real property for the expense of doing the work in the amount of $            . This amount is a special assessment against the real property until it is paid, with interest at the rate of       % a year from             ,  20    , (insert date of confirmation of statement), and discharged of record. The real property referred to above, and upon which the special assessment is claimed is that certain parcel of land situated within the City of Anaheim, County of Orange, State of California, more particularly described as follows:
   Dated:       , 20    .
   City of Anaheim
      City Clerk
(Ord. 5622 § 2 (part); October 28, 1997: Ord. 6429 § 9; February 6, 2018.)