6.44.140 APPEALS.
   .010   Any decision of the hearing officer may be appealed to the City Council by the owner of the property or by any member of the City Council. Notice of the appeal shall be filed with the City Clerk within ten calendar days after the decision is served. Late notices of appeal will not be considered. Hearings on appeals shall be limited to those issues raised in the notice of appeal. The Manager shall give notice of the hearing on the appeal in the manner and to the persons described in Section 6.44.050 not less than ten calendar days prior thereto.
   .020   The filing of a timely notice of appeal shall stay any further proceedings under the determination appealed from until the City Council has made its determination.
   .030   The City Council may uphold, reverse or modify any determination appealed. The decision of the City Council shall become final upon service thereof by registered mail upon those persons described in Section 6.44.050.
   .040   Pursuant to Section 1.12.110, the City Council may appoint a hearing officer to conduct appeal hearings pursuant to this chapter, provided, however, that the hearing officer shall not be the same hearing officer who rendered the decision from which the appeal is being taken. The decision made by the City Council or its appointed hearing officer is final. (Ord. 5622 § 2 (part); October 28, 1997: Ord. 6429 § 10; February 6, 2018.)