6.44.070 HEARING.
   At the time specified in the notice, a hearing officer shall hear the testimony of all competent persons desiring to testify respecting the condition constituting the nuisance, including the estimated cost of its abatement and any other matter which may be pertinent. The hearing officer shall be an Employee Hearing Officer or if the City Attorney consents, a Stipulated Hearing Officer, as said terms are defined in subsection of this Code. At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall determine whether or not a nuisance exists on the premises.  If the hearing officer determines that a nuisance exists, he or she may issue an order declaring the conditions existing to be a nuisance and directing the owner to abate it within thirty days after the notice is posted on the premises and served on the owner. The decision of the hearing officer is final when it is posted and served on the owner. (Ord. 5622 § 2 (part); October 28, 1997: Ord. 5866 § 10; June 17, 2003: Ord. 6429 § 3; February 6, 2018.)