Nothing in the foregoing sections shall be deemed to prevent the City Council from ordering the City Attorney to commence a civil or criminal proceeding to abate a public nuisance under applicable Civil or Penal Code provisions as an alternative to the proceedings set forth herein.
   As an alternative to making the costs of abatement a special assessment, if the property owner does not pay the cost of abating the nuisance within thirty calendar days after the cost becomes final or the hearing officer confirms the costs of abatement, or after the cost has been confirmed by the City Council, or its appointed hearing office, if appealed , the cost maybe recorded as a nuisance abatement lien against the property on which the nuisance was abated and a personal obligation of the owner of such property. Notice of said lien shall be provided prior to recording thereof to the owner of such parcel and shall contain all information and be served in the manner required under Government Code Section 38773.1 or any successor provision.
   The provisions of this Chapter are supplementary and complementary to other provisions of this Code and applicable statutes. Nothing in this Chapter may be construed to limit any existing right of the City to abate nuisances or to enforce any provisions of applicable law, statute or this Code, including provisions of uniform codes adopted by reference in this Code. (Ord. 5622 § 2 (part); October 28, 1997: Ord. 6306 § 3; October 7, 2014: Ord. 6429 § 11; February 6, 2018.)