The owner may protest the cost of abatement by requesting a hearing before the hearing officer who initially determined that a nuisance existed on the premises. Such protest must be initiated within ten calendar days of service of the statement of costs described in Section 6.44.100. Upon receipt of such a request, the Manager shall schedule a hearing on abatement costs no less than ten calendar days after serving notice of such hearing on the owner. At the time of the hearing on the statement of costs, the hearing officer shall consider the statement and the objections to the cost of the abatement. The hearing officer may revise, correct or modify the statement as he or she considers just and thereafter shall confirm the costs to be assessed. The decision of the hearing officer shall be in writing and shall be served on the owner as described in Section 6.44.060. The decision of the hearing officer shall be final in the absence of a timely appeal as provided in Section 6.44.140 of this chapter. (Ord. 5622 § 2 (part); October 28, 1997:  Ord. 6429 § 7; February 6, 2018.)