§ 154-20.01  Purpose.
   (A)   The purpose of the landscaping regulations is to provide minimum standards for the selection, location, maintenance, and installation of landscape materials in order to maximize the benefit of such landscaping for both the community and the individual property owner. It is intended that the provision of trees, shrubbery, and groundcover shall be in accordance with this article so as to:
      (1)   Provide shade to reduce the ground temperature and building heat gain;
      (2)   Provide attractive landscaping to improve community aesthetics for the promotion of tourism and economic development;
      (3)   Provide soil stabilization to control erosion;
      (4)   Provide ground cover to protect the ambient air quality by reducing dust and loose soil;
      (5)   Provide plant material to visually buffer parking lot masses;
      (6)   Provide planted screening between residential districts and adjacent uses;
      (7)   Provide landscape plans to improve surveillance and visibility for the promotion of safety and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) strategies; and
      (8)   Provide compliance with the landscaping regulation over time as vacancies and changes occur with nonconforming land, buildings, and uses.
   (B)   When provided in accordance with these regulations, landscaping materials are intended to contribute to the community-wide goals of beautification, energy conservation, and the conservation of the community’s water resources through the use of drought tolerant plants, efficient irrigation, reduced turf areas, and the fundamentals of xeriscape landscaping.
   (C)   The regulations as set forth within this article shall be in accordance with Chapter 192 of this code and are intended to be integrated with that chapter so as to provide adequate on-site stormwater detention/retention areas which are visually attractive and which provide for the multiple use of stormwater detention/retention areas wherever possible.
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