§ 154-19.04  New and Replacement Freestanding Monopoles and Lattice Towers.
   (A)   In addition to the general application requirements listed in § 154-19.02, the following information shall be submitted:
      (1)   A statement of intent to lease space for co-location for any new or replacement monopoles or lattice towers over 40 feet in height. Said statement is to contain the number of providers that can be accommodated on the tower and list the number and type of additional antennas the tower will support if any additional space is available; and
      (2)   Those structures requiring a conditional use permit only are required to submit a visual study depicting “where within a 600 foot radius any portion of the monopole or lattice tower could be seen” and a narrative describing in layman terms the reasons for selecting a monopole or lattice tower and a list of all feasible alternatives, including alternative sites considered in the site search, attempts to co-locate on existing buildings, rooftops, right-of-way structures or other structural features and the factors that have eliminated their consideration.
   (B)   In addition to the general development standards listed in § 154-19.03, the following development standards shall apply:
      (1)   Limited to 100 feet in height as measured from the lowest grade of the site adjacent to the tower to the highest point of the device;
      (2)   A minimum separation of 600 feet distance shall be maintained between the new monopole or lattice tower and any existing freestanding towers or monopoles;
      (3)   All monopoles or lattice towers must be setback a minimum one foot for every one foot in height of the structure (1:1) from any residential use or zone, or any hillside;
      (4)   All equipment and monopoles or lattice towers must be setback equal to the principal building on the site or at least 20 feet from the proposed right-of-way line, as determined by the Major Roadways Plan, whichever is greater; and
      (5)   All antenna arrays shall be limited to a maximum eight foot diameter.
(Ord. O2000-35, passed 6-21-2000; Ord. O2002-09, passed 2-20-2002; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010)