§ 154-06.03  Manufactured Housing Subdivision District (MHS).
   (A)   Purpose.  This district is intended to accommodate manufactured homes and site-built homes, together with schools, parks and other services, in a suitable residential environment. Manufactured homes and site-built homes on individual lots within manufactured home subdivisions are permitted, provided they meet the minimum requirements of this district.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2109, passed 2-2-1983; Ord. O2021-014, passed 7-21-2021)
   (B)   Permitted principal uses.
      (1)   Manufactured home subdivisions;
         (a)   Manufactured homes; or
         (b)   Site-built homes;
      (2)   Public schools, parks and recreation facilities;
      (3)   Crop and tree farming;
      (4)   Child day care services, small;
      (5)   Residential care facility, small; and
      (6)   Nursing and personal care, small.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2687, passed 1-4-1995; Ord. O2021-014, passed 7-21-2021)
   (C)   Permitted accessory uses.
      (1)   Accessory buildings, structures and uses in manufactured home subdivisions such as vestibule, carport, garage, storage or recreation facilities, and joint boat and trailer storage areas;
      (2)   Home occupation;
      (3)   Wall-mounted and concealed/disguised personal wireless communication facilities in accordance with Article 19 herein are permitted as an accessory use for legally established nonresidential uses only. Wall strapping of a personal wireless communications facility is not permitted.
         (a)   Personal wireless communication facilities are not permitted in conjunction with legal nonconforming uses.
         (b)   The use of lattice tower structures for any personal wireless communication facility is not permitted; and
      (4)   Community garden.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2109, passed 2-2-1983; Ord. 2235, passed 11-20-1984; Ord. O2000-35, passed 6-21-2000; Ord. O2002-09, passed 2-20-2002; Ord. O2015-021, passed 4-15-2015)
   (D)   Conditional uses.  Any of the following uses may be established or operated as a conditional use upon application and submittal of a site plan to and approved by the Planning Commission in accordance with § 154-03.05:
      (1)   Religious institutions including related buildings and activities;
      (2)   Private schools;
      (3)   Child day care services, large.  Day care for six or more children is permitted upon compliance with the following:
(Ord. O2008-33, passed 8-6-2008)
         (a)   The seven standard criteria for reviewing conditional use applications (§ 154-03.05(G)(2));
         (b)   The facility must be licensed by the State Department of Health Services;
         (c)   There shall be no swimming pool on the site, unless the pool is in compliance with the current adopted Pool Safety Codes per the Arizona Revised Statutes;
         (d)   Any outside play area shall be enclosed by a five foot high solid wall or fence with self-latching gate;
         (e)   There shall be no structural additions or equipment not customarily found in a residential dwelling, excepting those modifications required under state licensing, building code or fire code regulations pertaining to this class of child day care services, large; and
         (f)   In granting any conditional use permit, the Planning Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards in conformity with this chapter, including, but not limited to, setback and coverage requirements, off-street parking and screening structures and materials to hold to reasonable levels the impact of surrounding uses and hours of operation.
      (4)   Private parks, recreation areas and facilities; and
      (5)   Rooming and boarding houses.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2356, passed 5-6-1987; Ord. 2523, passed 6-5-1991; Ord. 2687, passed 1-4-1995)
   (E)   Property development standards.  Each parcel of land used for a manufactured home subdivision and individually owned lots within a subdivision shall comply with the following minimum regulations.
      (1)   Area.
         (a)   Each parcel of land used for a manufactured home subdivision shall have a minimum of three acres.
         (b)   In manufactured home subdivisions there shall be a minimum lot area of 4,000 square feet per manufactured home lot.
      (2)   Dimensions.
         (a)   Width.  Each manufactured home lot shall have a minimum width of 50 feet. In cases of irregularly shaped lots, the minimum width shall be measured 20 feet back from the front property line.
         (b)   Depth.  Each manufactured home lot shall have a minimum depth of 80 feet.
      (3)   Minimum setbacks.
         (a)   Front yard.  Ten feet. Where a manufactured home lot has double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets. When a manufactured home lot has frontage on a street opposite from another residential zoning district, there shall be a front yard equal to the required front yard setback of the adjoining residential zoning district;
         (b)   Side yard.  Seven feet from interior lot lines and ten feet from side street lot lines; and
         (c)   Rear yard.  Seven feet.
      (4)   Height regulations.  No principal building shall exceed 20 feet in height and no accessory building shall exceed 15 feet in height.
      (5)   Maximum coverage.  The maximum permitted coverage by the manufactured home unit and accessory buildings shall not exceed 45% of the manufactured home lot, excluding the first two carports up to 400 square feet.
      (6)   Streets.  Streets shall be designed to the standards established in Chapter 153 and shall be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.
      (7)   Off-street parking.  Two parking spaces shall be provided for each manufactured home lot and shall not be provided within the minimum setback requirements for the manufactured home lot.
      (8)   Walkways.  Walks shall be provided adjacent to dedicated streets and shall be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.
      (9)   Illumination.  Adequate lighting shall be provided for all streets.
      (10)   Storm drainage.  Proper surface storm drainage will be provided and the drainage plans will be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer.
      (11)   Utilities.  Electricity, city water and city sewer shall be provided to each manufactured home lot; no aboveground utility lines shall be permitted.
      (12)   Fire hydrants.  Approved fire hydrants shall be located at intervals of 500 feet as approved by the Fire Department and City Engineer.
      (13)   Fences.
         (a)   Exterior boundaries of the subdivision shall be bounded with a masonry wall having a minimum height of four feet and a maximum height of six feet; and
         (b)   Fences shall be permitted along any lot line; provided, however, that no fences more than six feet will be permitted on side and rear lot lines and no more than four feet within the minimum front yard.
      (14)   Recreational vehicles.  The location of recreational vehicles on a manufactured home lot shall be prohibited for human occupancy as a residence.
      (15)   Procedures for manufactured home subdivision.  A manufactured home subdivision plat shall be processed as provided in Chapter 153 after request and approval of the MH Zoning District. In complying with the regulations of Chapter 153, the words “building” and “structure” may be interpreted to mean “manufactured home”.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2109, passed 2-2-1983)  Penalty, see § 154-999
   (F)   Other requirements for manufactured home subdivisions.
      (1)   Tie downs.  All manufactured homes in manufactured home subdivisions shall be anchored to comply with the wind and seismic standards as adopted by the city.
      (2)   There shall be not more than one manufactured home per each manufactured home lot.
      (3)   All manufactured homes shall be equipped with toilet, bath and kitchen facilities and shall be connected to sanitary sewer. Water, electrical and telephone service shall be provided.
      (4)   All manufactured homes shall be recessed with the frame to grade level or have solid skirting to the ground on all sides.
      (5)   Placement of a manufactured home on an approved lot and the connection of utilities thereto shall be subject to a permit from and inspection by the authority having jurisdiction. A site plan shall be submitted showing the lot which is to be used for the installation and the location of utility hookups and setbacks to be observed. Any alterations or additions on said manufactured home lot shall be subject to the same requirements.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952)  Penalty, see § 154-999
   (G)   Waivers.  Upon receipt of a written request, the Planning and Zoning Commission may recommend that a waiver be granted from a particular development standard or standards; provided, however, that the Commission makes a specific finding that some other amenity or amenities or development feature is being provided in lieu of the standard or standards being waived and that such waiver is not contrary to the purpose of this chapter.
('80 Code, App. A, § 80)  (Ord. 583, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 2109, passed 2-2-1983; Ord. 2687, passed 1-4-1995; Ord. O97-23, passed 9-3-1997; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010; Ord. O2010-63, passed 12-1-2010)