§ 154-03.01  Citizen Review Process.
   (A)   Purpose.  To provide appropriate information to adjacent land owners and other potentially affected citizens of requested zoning map amendments, conditional use permits, specific plans and subdivisions of land and allow opportunities to express any issues or concerns that they may have with the proposal before the public hearing.
(Ord. O2003-66, passed 12-3-2003; Ord. O2005-47, passed 7-6-2005)
   (B)   Notification.  All notifications sent pursuant to § 154-03.02 shall include:
      (1)   The substance and location of the proposal;
      (2)   The purpose or intent of the proposal;
      (3)   Contact information for the staff and the applicant, or his or her agent, which may include telephone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses; and
      (4)   Meeting dates and locations of neighborhood meetings, if deemed appropriate.
(Ord. O2003-66, passed 12-3-2003; Ord. O2005-47, passed 7-6-2005)
   (C)   Neighborhood meetings.  Following application for zoning map amendment, conditional use permit, specific plan or preliminary subdivision of land, a neighborhood meeting or other public input opportunity may be required. City staff will establish the process and procedures for the neighborhood meetings. Failure by the applicant to participate in the neighborhood meeting, will delay the development review process for the subject application.
(Ord. O2003-66, passed 12-3-2003; Ord. O2005-47, passed 7-6-2005; Ord. O2010-32, passed 7-7-2010)