Chapter 131:  Fire Prevention and Protection
General Provisions
   131-01   Fire fighting outside city
Fire Prevention Code
   131-15   Adoption of a model Fire Code, NFPA1, Fire Code, 2018 Edition
   131-16   Amendments
   131-17   Areas where certain materials are prohibited
   131-18   Establishment and duties of the Division of Community Risk Reduction
   131-19   Appeals
   131-20   Definitions
   131-21   Conflicts
   131-22   (Repealed)
   131-99   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Power of city to provide for general welfare, see Charter Art. III, § 1
   Power to create departments, offices, prescribe duties, see Charter Art. VI, § 15
Statutory reference:
   Power to regulate, prohibit fire hazards and provide for fire department, see A.R.S. § 9-240(B)(7)
   State pension funds, see A.R.S. §§ 9-951 et seq. and §§ 38-841 et seq.