§ 131-17  Areas Where Certain Materials Are Prohibited.
   (A)   Establishment of limits of districts in which storage of explosives and blasting agents is to be prohibited. For volumes exceeding the maximum allowable quantities (as outlined in the Fire Code) the location in which storage of explosives and blasting agents is prohibited, are hereby established as follows:
      (1)   In all areas within the corporate limits of the city, other than those defined and designated as "light industrial" or "heavy industrial" districts by the zoning ordinance of the city, such storage is prohibited.
      (2)   Upon presentation of plans conforming to design criteria as established in the Fire Code and its referenced standards, the Authority Having Jurisdiction, as defined by the Fire Code, may approve the location of such storage, in areas where such storage is not prohibited by subdivision (1) above.
('80 Code, §§ 13-19 - 13-21)  (Ord. 2657, passed 7-6-94; Ord. O98-17, passed 3-4-98; Ord. O2014-36, passed 12-17-14; Ord. O2018-055, passed 12-19-18)  Penalty, see § 131-99