Sec. 15.  Creation, discontinuance of offices, boards and commissions.
   The City Council shall have the power by ordinance or by resolution to create and discontinue offices, deputyships, assistantships, boards and commissions, other than those prescribed in this charter and to combine or merge any appointive office, department, board or commission prescribed in this Charter with another so prescribed or with an appointive office, department, board or commission created by ordinance or resolution under such title as the city council shall designate.  Such ordinances or resolutions shall provide the mode of appointment, prescribe the term, if any, and duties pertaining thereto according to the City Council's best judgment of the needs of the City and determine the mode of removal.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70; Gen. Elec. 11/6/01)
   The direction and supervision of all departments, offices, and agencies, and the appointment of all administrative officers of such departments, offices and agencies, except as otherwise provided in this Charter, shall be as prescribed in Article VIII.  (Sp. Elec. 4/7/70)