TITLE TWO - Planning
         Chap. 1220.   Planning Commission.
TITLE FOUR - Subdivision Regulations
         Chap. 1240.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1242.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1244.   Procedure for Subdividing.
         Chap. 1246.   Specifications for Plans and Plats.
         Chap. 1248.   Design Standards and Requirements.
         Chap. 1250.   Improvements.
         Appendix A -   Plan Approval Procedure
         Appendix B -   Street Grade and Curve Standards
         Appendix C -   Engineering Rules and Regulations; Backfill Requirements
         Appendix D - Ditches, Channels and Swales
         Appendix E -   Standard Construction Drawings
         Appendix F -   Street Tree List
TITLE SIX - Zoning
         Chap. 1252.   General Provisions.
         Chap. 1253.   Definitions.
         Chap. 1254.   Administration and Enforcement.
         Chap. 1256.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
         Chap. 1258.   Districts Generally and Zoning Map.
         Chap. 1262.   R-S Single-Family Low-Density Residence District.
         Chap. 1264.   R-2 Single-Family Low-Density Residence District.
         Chap. 1266.   R-3 Single-Family Medium-Density Residence District.
         Chap. 1268.   R-M Multi-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1269.   R-4 Single-Family Variable Density Residential District.
         Chap. 1270   O-S Open Space District.
         Chap. 1272   C-C Civic Center District.
         Chap. 1274.   D-1 Downtown Business District.
         Chap. 1276.   I-P Industrial Park District.
         Chap. 1280.   GMC Glendale Milford Road Corridor Overlay District.
         Chap. 1282.   SP-OL Springfield Pike Corridor Overlay District.
         Chap. 1288.   Planned Unit Developments.
         Chap. 1290.   Mixed-Use Developments.
         Chap. 1292.   Signs and Outdoor Advertising.
         Chap. 1294.   Off-Street Parking and Loading.
         Chap. 1295.   Screening and Landscaping.
         Chap. 1296.   Provisions Relating to All Districts.
         Chap. 1297.   Cellular or Wireless Communication Systems.
         Chap. 1298.   Nonconformities.
         Chap. 1299.   Violation, Remedies and Fees.