(a)   Establishment. In accordance with § 1248.08, the Planning Commission shall establish standards for all street grades and curves.
   As a means of coordinating development with the standards of the County, the Planning Commission hereby establishes all County street grades and curve standards as requirements for all subdivisions within the Village, provided that any amendment to County standards dated after the adoption of this Appendix (Ordinance 22-1979, passed September 11, 1979) shall not take effect in the Village without prior approval of the Planning Commission.
   (b)   Specifications.
      (1)   Curves. The minimum radius of curvature on the centerline shall be 500 feet for primary or secondary thoroughfares, 200 feet for collector streets and 100 feet for minor residential streets.
      (2)   Grades. Maximum grades shall not exceed six percent for primary or secondary thoroughfares or twelve percent for collector or local streets. The minimum grade of all streets shall be 0.8 percent. Grades across intersections shall not exceed four percent except at the discretion of the Village Engineer and/or the County Engineer.
            Changes in grade shall be connected by vertical curves of a minimum length equal to 15 times the algebraic difference in rate of grade for thoroughfares, and one-half such minimum length for minor or local streets.
(Ord. 22-1979, passed 9-11-1979)