1296.01   Conversion of dwellings
1296.02   Rear dwellings.
1296.03   Accessory uses in Residential Districts (“R” Districts).
1296.04   Obstructions to traffic visibility on corner lots.
1296.05   Computation of yards or parking areas.
1296.06   Off-street parking and loading.
1296.07   Encroaching garage doors.
1296.08   Essential services.
1296.09   Unsafe buildings.
1296.10   Parking and occupancy of boats, camping vehicles, mobile homes and trailers.
1296.11   Green belts.
1296.12   Swimming pools.
1296.13   Sexually oriented businesses.
1296.14   Motor vehicle service and filling station.
1296.15   Performance standards.
1296.16   Lots of record.
1296.17   Exceptions to height limitations.
1296.18   Frontage and yard modifications.
1296.19   Projections into yards.
1296.20   Number of principal buildings on a lot.
1296.21   Regulations for drive-in, drive- through, or carry-out eating and drinking establishments.
1296.22   Home occupations.
1296.23   Dumpsters and trash-handling areas.
1296.24   Fences, walls and hedges.
1296.25   Satellite dishes.
1296.26   Outdoor bulk storage and display in Commercial and Industrial Districts.
1296.27   Outdoor storage in residential areas.
1296.28   Junk storage.
1296.29   Portable storage units.
1296.30   Medical marijuana cultivation facilities, processing facilities, and dispensaries.