Editor’s note:
   The Charter of the Village of Woodlawn was adopted by the voters in November, 2006, and became effective January 1, 2007. 
   Amendments to the Charter of the Village of Woodlawn were adopted by the voters in November, 2012, and became effective January 1, 2013, November, 2016, and became effective January 1, 2017, and November, 2020, and became effective January 1, 2021.
Article I   Name, Boundaries and Powers
   Section 1.01   Name and Boundaries
   Section 1.02   Powers
Article II   Legislative Authority
   Section 2.01   Number, Selection, Term
   Section 2.02   Vice Mayor
   Section 2.03   Vacancy When Vice Mayor Becomes Mayor
   Section 2.04   Qualifications
   Section 2.05   Compensation of Council
   Section 2.06   Procedures for Legislation
   Section 2.07   Subject and Amendment of Bylaws, Ordinances, and Resolutions
   Section 2.08   Authentication and Recording
   Section 2.09   Publication and Certification of Ordinances in Book Form
   Section 2.10   Adoption of Technical Ordinances and Codes by Incorporation by Reference
   Section 2.11   Certificate of Clerk as to Publication
   Section 2.12   Effect of Not Making Publication
   Section 2.13   Vacancy in Office of Council
   Section 2.14   Judge of Election and Qualification of Members; Quorum and Special Meetings
   Section 2.15   Rules; Journal; Expulsion of Members
   Section 2.16   Meetings of Council
   Section 2.17   General Powers
   Section 2.18   Ethics
   Section 2.19   Property
Article III   Mayor
   Section 3.01   Mayoral Power
   Section 3.02   Mayor of Village; Election; Term; Qualifications; Power; Duties
   Section 3.03   Vacancy in Office of Mayor
   Section 3.04   General Duties of the Mayor
   Section 3.05   Filling of Vacancies in Offices
   Section 3.06   Communications to the Council of Finances and General Conditions
   Section 3.07   Protests Against Excessive Expenditures
   Section 3.08   Supervision of Conduct of Officers
   Section 3.09   Annual Report to Council
Article IV   Municipal Manager
   Section 4.01   Municipal Manager
   Section 4.02   Powers and Duties of Municipal Manager
   Section 4.03   Contracts by Municipal Manager; Central Purchasing
Administrative Officials and Departments
   Section 4.04   Conflict of Interest
   Section 4.05   Law Director
   Section 4.06   Appointment of Finance Director
   Section 4.07   Powers and Duties of Finance Director
   Section 4.08   Accounts of Finance Director
   Section 4.09   Quarterly Account; Annual Report
   Section 4.10   Receipt and Disbursement of Funds
   Section 4.11   Duty of Delivering Money and Property
   Section 4.12   Clerk of Council
   Section 4.13   Police Protection
   Section 4.14   Fire Department
   Section 4.15   Public Works Director
   Section 4.16   Recreation Director
   Section 4.17   Building Commissioner/Inspector
   Section 4.18   Engineer
Article V   Boards and Commissions
   Section 5.01   Effect of Charter Action on Pre-existing Boards and Commissions
   Section 5.02   Planning Commission
   Section 5.03   Board of Zoning Appeals
   Section 5.04   Recreation Commission
   Section 5.05   Charter Review Commission
   Section 5.06   General Provisions
   Section 5.07   Vacancy in Boards or Commissions
Article VI   Taxation and Borrowing
   Section 6.01   Power to Incur Indebtedness
   Section 6.02   Issuance of Bonds
   Section 6.03   Procedure in Bond Issue
   Section 6.04   Short-Term Borrowing
   Section 6.05   Municipal Earnings Tax Limitation
Article VII   Initiative, Referendum, Recall
   Section 7.01   Initiative, Referendum, Recall
Article VIII   General Provisions
   Section 8.01   Separability
   Section 8.02   City Status
   Section 8.03   Transitional Procedure