Permit and Inspection Fees
1335.01   General provisions.
1335.02   Application and plan review fees.
1335.03   Building permit fees.
1335.04   Electrical permit fees.
1335.05   Plumbing permit fees.
1335.06   Heating, air conditioning and ventilation permit fees.
1335.07   Gas piping permit fees.
1335.08   Fire protection system permit fees.
1335.09   Inspection fees and construction deposits.
1335.10   Construction work in City right of way.
1335.11   Mud slide protection. (Repealed)
1335.12   Flood hazards.  (Repealed)
1335.13   Construction plans; submission to Fire Prevention Bureau. (Repealed)
1335.14   Repair, replacement and relettering of signs. (Repealed)
1335.15   Rights of condominium owners. (Repealed)
1335.16   Required filing of consents. (Repealed)
Trailer park license fee - see BUS. REG. 775.04
Grading fees required by Building Inspector - see BLDG. 1323.04
Grading fees required by City Engineer - see BLDG. 1323.05
Fees for licensing and registration of contractors - see BLDG.  1327.08