Section 11.01.  Power to Grant Franchise
   The ownership, right of control and use of streets, highways, alleys, parks, public places, rights-of-way and all other real property of the City is hereby declared to be inalienable to the City. No entity or individual shall have the right to occupy such public property without the express permission of and under an express written agreement with the City concerning such occupancy. Utilities and/or public utilities shall only be granted the right to occupancy under the terms of a franchise agreement with the City. All grants, removals, extensions or amendments of public utility franchises on, under or beneath such public places shall be the right of the Council. The City may, by ordinance, sell, lease, transfer or otherwise alter its control and use of such public properties, in accordance with the provisions of this Charter.
   No franchise may be granted for an indefinite term, nor may a franchise be granted for a term in excess of twenty-five (25) years.
(Am. Ord. 11-0719, passed 7-19-2011)