(A)   No license shall be issued for the sale at retail of any alcoholic liquor within 100 feet of any church, school, hospital, home for aged or indigent persons or for veterans, their wives or children, or any military or naval station. This prohibition shall not apply to hotels offering restaurant service, regularly organized clubs or to restaurants, food shops or other places where the sale of alcoholic liquors is not the principal business carried on, or a place of business so exempted shall have been established for those purposes prior to the taking effect of this chapter.  Nor shall this restriction apply to the renewal of a license for the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor or premises within 100 feet of any church where the church has been established within 100 feet since the issuance of the original license. In the case of a church, the distance of 100 feet shall be measured to the nearest part of any building used for worship services or educational programs and not to property boundaries.  The provisions of ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, § 6-11, as amended from time to time, are hereby incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein.
   (B)   Nothing in this section shall prohibit the issuance of a license to a church or private school to sell at retail alcoholic liquor if any sales are limited to periods when groups are assembled on the premises solely for the promotion of some common object other than the sale or consumption of alcoholic liquors.
(1980 Code, § 110.028)  (Res. 86-90, adopted 6-19-1986; Res. 03-296, adopted 6-19-2003; Ord. 05-500, adopted 11-17-2005)  Penalty, see § 110.999
Statutory reference:
   Authority to determine license classification, see ILCS Ch. 235, Act 5, § 4-1