(A)   Any licensee may apply for renewal of his or her license at the expiration thereof, provided however, that he or she continues to meet the same qualifications as an original applicant, and provided that the premises for which the renewal of license is sought are in compliance with all applicable ordinances of the county. The right to file an application for renewal of a license hereunder shall not be construed to create any vested interest or right in an application. An application for renewal of a license hereunder shall not prevent the Liquor Control Commissioner from decreasing the number of licenses to be issued within his or her jurisdiction.
   (B)   Prior to November 30 of the year for which the license has been issued, a licensee shall submit an application for license renewal along with the required fee to the Commissioner.
   (C)   Renewal applications shall contain the information as may be required by the Liquor Commissioner unless a change (other than a change in name of the establishment) has occurred in the information, in which case the applicant shall submit an original application with all information required under § 110.016.
   (D)   Renewal applications submitted later than November 30 of the year for which a current license is held shall be treated as applications for a new license under § 110.016.
   (E)   All licensees are to keep updated records of the manager of the establishment that has a liquor license each year at renewal time.  The information that must be provided is the manager’s name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, driver’s license or state identification license and Social Security number.
(1980 Code, § 110.026)  (Res. 86-90, adopted 6-19-1986; Res. 90-104, adopted 5-17-1990; Res. 97-59, adopted 3-20-1997; Res. 03-296, adopted 6-19-2003; Ord. 05-500, adopted 11-17-2005)