(A)   There shall be issued no more than 56 Class A through Class D, as well as, Class F licenses in the aggregate, of which five shall be available for fraternal and service organizations, and three licenses shall be available for the Department of Conservation of the state, and the County Forest Preserve District. The County Liquor Commissioner shall have the discretion to issue licenses for Classes D1, E, F, G, T and SE based upon need, so long as the applicant is in compliance with all other requirements under this chapter. The licenses shall be available as follows.
Class A
Not to exceed 6
Class A1
Not to exceed 11
Class AG (Agri-Tourism)
Not to exceed 2
Class B
Not to exceed 7
Class B1
Not to exceed 9
Class C
Not to exceed 8
Class C1
Not to exceed 6
Class C2
Not to exceed 0
Class D
Not to exceed 1
Class D1
As needed
Class E
As needed
Class F
Not to exceed 6
Class G
As needed
Class T
As needed
Class SE
As needed
   (B)   Be it understood that the designated number of licenses for fraternal and service organization, Department of Conservation, and the County Forest Preserve Districts shall be allotted from the next available license on the waiting list by the Liquor Control Commissioner.
   (C)   A waiting list shall be maintained for each classification of license. The waiting lists in each classification shall be advanced in the order in which received by the Commissioner. The applicant’s position on the waiting list is not transferable to another person or corporation. An applicant whose position is first on the waiting list shall complete the application for a license within 60 days from the time the applicant is notified that a license may be issued. Failure to so effect the completion may result in removal from the list.
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Statutory reference:
   Exercise of corporate powers, see 55 ILCS 5/5-1004
   Local control of Liquor Control Act of 1934, see 235 ILCS 5/4-1 et seq.