§ 110.025  TERM OF LICENSES.
   (A)   All licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall be valid from the date of issuance, or in the case of renewals, from January 1 through the business night of December 31, including the morning hours of January 1, per the closing times as stated in the license.  A new or renewed license will be required in order for the licensed establishment to commence operations on January 1 of the new year.
   (B)   Any licensee who ceases to do business for whatever reason, or, who closes his or her place of business for whatever reason for a period in excess of 45 days should notify the Liquor Control Commissioner in writing of the same. The licensee may be required by the Commissioner, after receipt of notice of a hearing, to show cause why the license for the establishment should not be terminated.
   (C)   Any license holder for a golf course shall be exempt from the requirement of notifying the County Liquor Control Commissioner that the business will be closed for the winter season and more than a period of time of 45 days. If the golf course is no longer open for business, then the licensee shall be required to notify the County Liquor Control Commissioner in writing as in division (B) of this section.
(1980 Code, § 110.027)  (Res. 86-90, adopted 6-19-1986; Ord. 99-115, adopted 3-18-1999; Ord. 05-500, adopted 11-17-2005)