Vehicle Weight Limits and Motor Carrier Safety
416.01   Purpose.
416.02   Definitions
416.03   Qualifications of bus, truck and truck tractor operators, etc.
416.04   Safety standards for drivers or operators and for equipment and devices.
416.05   Safety standards for operation and maintenance of facilities for transporting persons or property.
416.06   Drivers' qualifications.
416.07   Drivers' written examination.
416.08   Drivers' medical examiner's certificate.
416.09   Drivers' medical examinations.
416.10   Physical disqualifications; waivers.
416.11   Driver qualification files; maintenance by employers.
416.12   Drivers employed on or before June 10, 1984; applicability of act; waivers; medical qualifications.
416.13   Drivers of vehicles displaying farm registration plates; applicability of Act and Federal regulations.
416.14   Mechanics; applicability of Act.
416.15   Utility, telephone, and cable television employees; applicability of Act.
416.16   Truck tractors, and semitrailers; bumpers and underride guard requirements; asphalt hauling vehicles exempt.
416.17   Consecutive hours of service; exemptions.
416.18   Records of duty activities; corrections.
416.19   Exceptions.
416.20   Submission of transportation safety related documents to the Motor Carrier Division of the Department of State Police.
416.21   Violations; inspections; shut-down orders.
416.22   Wheel and axle loads; restrictions; seasonal weight exemptions; violations.
416.23   Restrictions on transportation of flammable liquids.
416.24   Information to be painted or permanently attached to certain trucks and vehicles; removable devices.
416.25   Stopping vehicles for weighing.
416.26   Equipment; inspection and use.
416.27   Safe loading.
416.28   Stopped vehicles not to interfere with other traffic.
416.29   Emergency signals for stopped vehicles.
416.30   Unauthorized persons not to be transported.
416.31   Required brake systems.
416.32   Tires.
416.33   Emergency equipment; inspection and use.
416.34   Emergency equipment on all power units.
416.35   General rules for protection against shifting or falling cargo.
416.36   Securement systems.
416.37   Blocking and bracing.
416.38   Drivers declared out of service.
416.39   Inspection of motor vehicles in operation.
416.40   Enforcement of weights and measures by Police Division.
416.41   Driver's view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons.
416.42   Size, weight and load limitations generally.
416.43   Width of vehicle or load.
416.44   Width of load carried on passenger-type vehicles.
416.45   Height and length limitations generally; lamps and reflectors; number of axles.
416.46   Mobile homes; towing vehicle with mobile home attached.
416.47   Towing of trailers and vehicles by passenger vehicles.
416.48   Designation of truck routes.
416.49   Special permits for nonconforming vehicles.
416.50   Registration certificate; signature; carrying and display.
416.51   Registration plate; issuance; attachment; display.
416.52   Operation of vehicle unregistered or without certificate of title; operation; misdemeanor.
416.53   Motor vehicle registration; violation; penalty.
416.54   Improper use of registration or certificate of title; penalty.
416.55   Elected gross weight violations; re-registration required; fee.
416.56   Persons operating certain group vehicles; license; designation; fees; application of section; licenses with class 1, 2, or 3 endorsements.
416.57   Vehicle group designations or endorsement; knowledge test; driving skills test; waiver; conditions for issuance; definitions.
416.58   Alcohol content in blood, breath or urine; excessive levels; operation of commercial vehicle prohibited.
416.59   Commercial motor vehicle drivers; operation of vehicle while intoxicated; blood alcohol limits; warrantless arrest; violation; penalty.
416.60   Combination vehicles; obstructed lights; lighting requirements.
416.61   Permissible additional lights; flashing, oscillating or rotating lights.
416.62   Applicability of Federal Regulations to commercial motor vehicles; exceptions.
416.63   Duty activities; records; false reports; corrections; applicability to beverage delivery drivers.
416.64   Adoption of Federal Regulations; hazardous materials; safety regulations; construction and application.
416.65   Transportation safety related documents; submission; facsimile of Motor Carrier Division identification card.
416.66   Violations; penalties; motor vehicles; stopping and inspection; notice to appear; driver audit; application.
416.67   Commercial motor vehicles; accident report form recommendations; definition.
416.99   Penalty.
   Reimbursement of costs of emergency services for incidents relating to drunk driving - see ADM. 211.03
   Uniform Traffic Code and Michigan Vehicle Code - see TRAF. Ch. 410
   Operation of motor vehicles generally - see TRAF. Ch. 412
   DUI - see TRAF. 412.02, Ch. 414
   Open container of alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle - see GEN. OFF. 606.04
   Inoperable motor vehicles - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 640
   Litter from motor vehicles; tracking mud - see GEN. OFF. 648.07
   Obstructing vehicular rights of way - see GEN. OFF. 656.01
   Motor vehicles at drive-in restaurants - see B.R. & T. 816.05 et seq.
   Loads dripping, leaking or spilling from vehicles - see S.U. & P.S. 1060.21, 1060.22
   Motor vehicles in parks - see S.U. & P.S. 1062.04
   Motor vehicles in cemeteries - see S.U. & P.S. 1066.21
   Motor vehicle routes for vehicles transporting hazardous substances - see F.P. 1610.06
   Fire lanes - see F.P. 1610.07