A.   Every customer whose premises is served by a connection to the stormwater drainage system and facilities, either directly or indirectly, shall pay user fees to the city for the purpose of contributing toward the costs of the stormwater management program. The city council may, from time to time, adopt a separate ordinance to set user fees and to determine the effective date of such fees. For any property that becomes subject to payment of a user fee or adds additional impervious area after the adoption of such ordinance, billing shall commence after substantial completion of construction of improvements. For any property on which a structure is demolished or impervious area is removed, the property may qualify for a suitable reduction in user fees. Fees shall be calculated on a monthly basis and billed to all customers according to the Waterloo Water Works billing schedule.
   B.   For purposes this chapter pertaining to stormwater user fees, and for purposes of any separate ordinance adopted by the city council that establishes specific user fees, the following definitions shall apply:
COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL: Any developed property on which retail, office, industrial or manufacturing buildings, storage buildings and storage areas covered by impervious surfaces, parking lots, public and private school buildings, churches, hospitals and convalescent centers have been constructed.
DUPLEX DWELLING: A building containing only two (2) dwelling units and designed for and occupied exclusively by not more than two (2) families. In the application of stormwater user fees, duplex dwelling properties shall be treated as two (2) single- family dwellings.
DWELLING UNIT: A singular unit or apartment providing complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons, including provisions for living, sleeping, cooking, eating, and sanitation.
EQUIVALENT RESIDENTIAL UNIT (ERU): The average impervious coverage of a detached dwelling unit property in the City, as determined by the City. Five thousand (5,000) square feet of impervious surface area shall be one equivalent unit. The number of ERUs for each property shall be calculated by the City Engineer based on aerial photography in use by the City, impervious surface data from an approved site plan for the property, and/or data obtained during an appeals process.
MULTIPLE-FAMILY DWELLING: A building or portion thereof containing more than two (2) dwelling units designed for or occupied by more than two (2) families. In the application of stormwater user fees, each dwelling unit in a multiple-family dwelling unit shall be treated as one single-family dwelling.
RESIDENTIAL: Any developed property on which a single-family dwelling, duplex dwelling, multiple-family dwelling or townhome dwelling has been constructed.
SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLING: A building containing only one dwelling unit and designed for and occupied exclusively for residence purposes by only one family, including, but not limited to, a mobile home.
SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION: The date that the City has acknowledged completion of construction in accordance with approved plans and specifications through the issuance of a temporary certificate of occupancy or permanent certificate of occupancy, a date otherwise determined for purposes of this chapter by the City Engineer or designated representative, or the date when Waterloo Water Works establishes an account for a property.
TOWNHOME DWELLING: A dwelling unit which is detached or attached horizontally, and not vertically, to one or more other dwelling units, wherein the land or lot beneath each dwelling may be individually owned in common by a townhome association. In the application of stormwater user fees, each separate townhome dwelling shall be treated as one single-family dwelling.
UNDEVELOPED PROPERTY: Land in its unaltered natural state or which has been modified to such minimal degree as to have a hydrologic response comparable to land in an unaltered state. Undeveloped property shall have less than five hundred (500) square feet of impervious surface area. (Ord. 4980, 12-14-2009)
   C.   Except as noted herein or in this chapter, each customer whose property lies within the corporate limits of the City shall pay to the City, through its collection agent, at the same time payment of City water, sewer and garbage services is made, the following user fees, regardless of the amount of water consumption by such customer:
      1.   Undeveloped property: Zero dollars ($0.00) per month.
      2.   Residential: Four dollars ($4.00) per month per dwelling unit.
      3.   Commercial/industrial: Four dollar ($4.00) base, plus four dollars ($4.00) per ERU per month.
   D.   The fees stated above will become effective with bills issued after July 1, 2019.
   E.   July 1st increase by twenty five cents ($0.25) for each year after until 2023. (Ord. 5482, 2-11-2019)