General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Animals running at large
   90.03   Cruelty to animals in the second degree
   90.04   Dyeing or selling dyed chicks or rabbits
   90.05   Abandoning domestic animals prohibited
   90.06   Destruction of abandoned and suffering animal
   90.07   Keeping vicious animals
   90.08   Procedure for having a dog declared vicious
   90.09   Animal Control Officer
   90.10   Animals as a public nuisance
   90.11   Agreements; enforcement
   90.12   Applicability of state law
   90.15   Definition
   90.16   Compliance with statutory licensing provisions required
   90.17   Maximum number of dogs allowed
   90.18   Accumulation of odor-causing substance
   90.19   Dogs running at large
   90.20   Noise disturbance
   90.21   Impoundment or destruction of dogs in violation
   90.22   Reclaiming impounded dog
   90.23   Limitation on reclaiming impounded dog
   90.24   Leash required
   90.25   Dog excrement removal
   90.26   Dogs constituting nuisance
   90.27   Dangerous dog
   90.28   Procedure for having animal classified dangerous
   90.29   Dangerous dog to be properly confined or leashed
   90.30   Possession of a dangerous dog limited
   90.31   Dangerous dogs to be registered
   90.32   Liability insurance required
   90.33   Possession of a dangerous animal prohibited; exceptions
   90.99   Penalty