37.01   Bridge Fund
   37.02   County Corrections Fund
   37.03   County Drug Free Community Fund
   37.04   Sheriff's Department Enforcement Aid Fund
   37.05   Solid Waste Disposal Fund
   37.06   Building Construction, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance Fund
   37.07   Parks and Recreation Non-Reverting Capital Fund
   37.08   Parks and Recreation Non-Reverting Operating Fund
   37.09   Sales Disclosure Fund
   37.10   Commissioners Meeting Room Fund
   37.11   Rainy Day Fund
   37.12   Recorder’s Enhanced Access Fund
   37.13   Animal Control Charitable Fund
   37.14   Welfare Bequest Fund
   37.15   County Congressional Township School Fund
   37.16   Infraction Deferral and Pretrial Diversion Programs Fund
   37.17   Highway Donation Fund
   37.18   CASA Donation Fund
   37.19   School Resource Officer Donation Fund
   37.20   Warrick County Sheriff Community Service Fund
   37.21   Cash Change Fund and Petty Cash Fun
   37.22   Warrick Trails Donation Fund
   37.23   Animal Care and Keeping Fund
   37.24   Pandemic Relief Fund
   37.25   Weights and Measures Fund
   37.26   ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund
   37.27   Road Usage Agreement Fund
   37.28   LIT-Public Safety Jail Savings Fund
Miscellaneous Fees
   37.35   Supplemental document recording fee
   37.36   Service charge for insufficient funds checks
   37.37   Real property endorsement fees
   37.38   Vital records fees
   37.39   Fees for accident reports
   37.40   Fees for electronic map data
   37.41   Additional felony and misdemeanor fees
   37.42   Recorder’s Office fees
   37.43   Bulk form access to County Recorder documents
   37.44   Fee for costs of operation in issuing bonds
   Drug and Alcohol User Fee Fund, see § 37.41
   Public Defender Fund, see § 33.120
   Sex and Violent Offender Administration Fund, see § 32.04
   Stormwater Revenue Fund, see § 55.08