The following conditions shall apply to all areas within the Central Business Development District.
   (A)   Commercial uses as permitted subject to uses approved by the Planning Commission must be consistent with existing character of the Central Business District.
   (B)   The following physical development criteria shall be used by the Planning Commission in its evaluation of proposed commercial uses within the CBDD.
      (1)   No setback from the front and side building lines of a parcel should be permitted.  Buildings should be built flush with the sidewalk and have their facades aligned with and, whenever possible, jointed to those of adjacent buildings.
      (2)   The bulk and height of new buildings should conform to prevailing conditions within the block in which they are to be placed.  Developments which deviate from prevailing conditions should be reviewed so that they will not constitute a visually incompatible intrusion into the CBDD.
      (3)   The first floor uses of buildings should consist of retail or direct public service activities.  Blank facades with no shop or display windows should be avoided.
      (4)   Residential apartments shall be subject to the provisions found in § 154.546(B)(19).
   (C)   Off-street parking as required in §§ 154.405 through 154.409.
   (D)   Signs as permitted in §§ 154.470 through 154.486.
   (E)   Architectural design review as required in § 154.071.
('65 Code, § 1348.03)  (Am. Ord. 05-054, passed 6-28-05)  Penalty, see § 154.999