(A)   Architectural design review. The construction or alteration of any commercial, industrial, or conditionally permitted use, including signage and landscaping, shall not be permitted until the Architectural Design Committee has reviewed and approved the architectural design of all buildings and signs and has signed a document to this effect. The Committee shall act on any architectural design, signage or landscaping plan submitted under this section within 95 days of the time the Committee officially accepts the plan for review at a regularly scheduled meeting. Any person submitting a plan may agree to a longer period of review.
   (B)   Architectural Design Committee.
      (1)   The Architectural Design Committee is hereby established as an advisory body to the Planning Commission in order to advise the Commission on matters of architectural construction and design; to review all projects subject to architectural design review as outlined in division (A) of this section; and to make recommendations on issues referred to it by the Planning Commission.
      (2)   The Committee will consist of three members appointed by the Planning Commission to serve for terms of three years, except that for the initial appointment upon adoption of these regulations, the first member shall be appointed for a term of three years; the second member shall be appointed for a term of two; and the third member shall be appointed for a term of one year. This is to ensure that terms are staggered. Members whose terms have expired may be reappointed.
      (3)   The composition of the Committee shall be as follows:
         (a)   At least one member shall be a practicing or retired architect.
         (b)   At least one member shall be a representative of Main Street Wadsworth, Inc.
         (c)   The architect and representative of Main Street Wadsworth, Inc. may be the same person.
         (d)   No member may be an elected official or employee of the City of Wadsworth.
   (C)   Guidelines for architectural design review.
      (1)   Historic Main Street Design Review District. When reviewing projects in the Historic Main Street Design Review District, the Committee shall be guided by the review processes and design recommendations outlined in Historic Main Street Wadsworth Design Guidelines as adopted by Ordinance 17-049. The properties and boundaries of the design review district are found in Appendix C to the Historic Main Street Wadsworth Design Guidelines.
      (2)   General guidelines. For projects outside of the Historic Main Street Design Review District, the Committee shall consider the following factors in its review:
         (a)   The scale of the building relative to adjacent development in terms of height, volume and massing;
         (b)   All facades of a building relative to type of material selection and the placement of windows and doors;
         (c)   The design of building relative to compatibility with existing structures and overall design for the area;
         (d)   Objects affixed to any part of the building, including doors, windows, signage, awning, lighting and mechanical equipment, are considered to be part of the visual architecture and must be compatible in color and design to the building's overall appearance; and
         (e)   Applicable zoning code requirements.
   (D)   Effect of Architectural Design Committee review and approval.
      (1)   The Architectural Design Committee's decisions and recommendations shall be followed by the applicant, unless the applicant appeals such decision directly to the Planning Commission, which may affirm, reverse or modify the Committee's decision to be consistent with the purpose of this section.
      (2)   A decision by the Planning Commission may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals as prescribed in §§154.560 through 154.570.
(‘65 Code, § 1323.29) (Am. Ord. 17-049, passed 9-19-17)