§ 154.470 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of the sections relating to signs (§§ 154.470 through 154.486) is to promote the public health, safety and welfare by establishing standards and criteria for the design, construction, installation, maintenance, and operation of signs in the City of Wadsworth, which are subject to the provisions of this section. More specifically, these sections are intended to:
   (A)   Enhance and protect the physical appearance of the municipality.
   (B)   Protect property values.
   (C)   Promote and maintain visually attractive, high value residential, retail, commercial and industrial districts.
   (D)   Promote the economic well being of the community by creating a favorable physical image.
   (E)   Ensure that signs are located and designed to:
      (1)   Provide an effective means of way-finding in the community.
      (2)   Afford the community an equal and fair way to advertise and promote its products and services.
      (3)   Reduce sign clutter and the distractions and confusion that may be contributing factors in traffic congestion and accidents and maintain safe and orderly pedestrian and vehicular environments.
      (4)   Afford businesses, individuals and institutions a reasonable opportunity to use signs as an effective means of communication.
   (F)   Provide review procedures that assure that signs are consistent with the city's objectives and within the city's capacity to efficiently administer the regulations.
   (G)   Prohibit all signs not expressly permitted by these sections.
(Ord. 07-045, passed 7-17-07)