Sale, Conveyance, Trade or Alienation of City Property
   35.01   Disposition of city real property by the Council
Payment of Claims
   35.15   Claim payments in advance of Board allowance
   35.16   Fully itemized claim required
   35.17   Allowance of claim
   35.18   Miscellaneous claims
Municipal Purchasing
   35.30   Purchasing Agency
   35.31   Protection of offers; status of documents as public records; receipt of offers
   35.32   Evidence of financial responsibility
   35.33   Receipt of proposals for certain types of supplies; purchase of services
   35.34   Modification and termination of contracts
   35.35   Small business set-aside purchases
   35.36   State business preference
   35.37   Purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States
Emergency Warning System
   35.50   Emergency warning system
Indemnification and Defense
   35.60   Protection of city personnel
   35.61   Scope of employment, authority and appointment
   35.62   Common Council approval necessary
   35.63   Certain acts not indemnified
   35.64   Employees covered
   35.65   Impact of insurance
Administrative Fees
   35.75   Administrative fees established
Bidding Practices
   35.85   Bid requirements
   35.86   Post-bid submissions from subcontractors
   35.87   Validity of pre-qualification classification
   35.88   Incomplete submission by bidders
   35.89   Responsive and responsible bidder determination
   35.90   Certified payroll
   35.91   Public records
   35.92   Penalties for false, deceptive or fraudulent statements/information
   35.93   Conflicting ordinances/bid documents
   35.94   Waiver of requirements
   35.95   Method of submission and retention of documentation