The Zoning Administrator with assistance from the HCDD may take any of the following actions to ensure enforcement of the and any condition placed on of a property due to an administrative or legislative decision or action by a City Review Authority described in Article 2 of the :
   A.   Conduct an investigation of any with the express permission of the owner or tenant. If the owner or tenant refuses permission to conduct the investigation, the Zoning Administrator shall issue a citation pursuant to Chapter 11, Art. VI of the Tucson Code, based on the testimony of the complainant;
   B.   Serve written notice upon the owner, agent, or tenant of the property, who is the subject of the , requiring cessation or correction of the ;
   C.   Issue a citation pursuant to Chapter 8 of the Tucson Code;
   D.   Report to the City Attorney as appropriate;
   E.   Report to the Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) as appropriate; or,
   F.   Take such further action as deemed appropriate to assure compliance.