In all , an shall comply with the following:
   A.   The use shall be incidental or secondary to the and is located on the same as the ;
   B.   The use shall be intended for the occupants, residents, customers, employees, lessees, or guests of the ;
   C.   The use shall not substantially alter the exterior appearance or character of the or to which it is ; and,
   D.    may be kept for personal use in all subject to Tucson Code, Chapter 4, and any applicable health regulations.
   E.   Medical Marijuana Designated Caregiver Cultivation Location
      1.   A designated caregiver may cultivate at their residence for a single qualifying patient subject to compliance with A.R.S. § 36-2806.01;
      2.   All conditions and restrictions for medical marijuana dispensary off- cultivation locations apply except that the designated caregiver cultivation location cultivation area is limited to a total 250 square feet maximum, including any storage areas; and,
      3.   More than one designated caregiver may co-locate cultivation locations as long as the total cultivation area does not exceed 250 square feet maximum, including storage areas.
   F.   Medical Marijuana Qualifying Patient Cultivation Location:
      1.   A qualifying patient may cultivate at their place of residence subject to compliance with A.R.S. § 36-2806.01; and,
      2.   A qualifying patient, cultivating marijuana, shall comply with all lawful, applicable health regulations, including those promulgated by the Arizona Department of Health Services and any other authorized regulatory agency.
(Am. Ord. 11890, 12/7/2021)