Parking Meters
353.01   Power and authority of Director.
353.02   Installation of parking meters.
353.03   Parking spaces designated; parking within lines.
353.04   Parking meter zones; Map incorporated.
353.05   Hours of operation.
353.06   Master Meter Map.
353.07   Reservation of power to Council.
353.08   Operation of parking meters.
353.09   Enforcement; parking tickets.
353.10   Fines.  (Repealed)
353.11   Deposits assessed as fees; Parking Meter Fund.
353.12   Violations; separate offenses.
353.13   Regulation of street parking.
353.99   Penalty and waiver.
          Off-street parking facilities - see Ohio R. C. 717.05 et seq.
      False coin or slug - see GEN. OFF. 545.11 et seq.
      Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking - see TRAF. 351.02