505.01. Hunting prohibited.
   (a)   No person shall hunt any wild bird or wild quadruped within the City limits. For purposes of this section, "hunt" means to pursue, shoot, kill or capture wild birds or wild quadrupeds, and all other acts such as placing, setting, drawing or employing any device commonly used to kill or capture wild birds or quadrupeds.
   (b)   Nothing herein shall preclude or prohibit the trapping and capture of wild pigeons and/or starlings and the subsequent destruction of the same by proper and humane methods, provided that such trapping, capture and destruction be accomplished in compliance with such rules, and regulations as may be instituted or provided by the Director of Public Safety, and further provided that any person, firm or corporation, excepting those duly licensed under the provisions of Ohio R.C. Chapter 921, before engaging in such trapping, capture or destruction shall first have requested and received the permission of the Director of Public Safety to do so.
   (c)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(1952 Code § 17-5-143; Ord. 919-73)