Residential Homes for the Elderly
1737.01   Definitions.
1737.02   Rules for licensing and regulating homes.
1737.03   Inspection of homes; fees; cooperation; prohibition; cease and desist order.
1737.04   Keeping and maintaining records and reports.
1737.05   License required; application; procedure.
1737.06   Temporary license.
1737.07   Provisional license.
1737.08   Regular license.
1737.09   Approval from Fire Prevention Bureau; compliance denial; appeal.
1737.10   Denial, revocation, suspension, refusal to renew, or modification of a license; grounds; notice; hearing.
1737.11   Appeals.
1737.12   Injunction.
1737.13   Conflict of law.
1737.99   Penalty.
   Residential care homes for the elderly - see P. & Z. 1167.01(a)(2B)