Sign Regulations
1166.01    Purpose.
1166.02    Scope.
1166.03    Permit required.
1166.04    Definitions.
1166.05    Computations.
1166.06    Prohibited signs.
1166.07    Standards for permitted signs.
1166.08    Signs permitted in Residential Districts.
1166.09    Signs permitted in “B-1" Limited Business and Office District and “B-1-B” Modified Business and Office Districts.
1166.10    Signs permitted in Professional-Research-Office District.
1166.11    Signs permitted in B-2 General Business District.
1166.12    Signs permitted in B-3 Central Business District.
1166.13    Signs permitted in B-4 Shopping Center District.
1166.14    Signs permitted in Industrial Districts.
1166.15    Administration, enforcement and penalty.
1166.16    Nonconforming Signs.
Illegal traffic signs - see TRAF. 313.07