132.01   Adoption of state criminal code
   132.02   Assault
   132.03   Assaulting, resisting or interfering with public official or police officer
   132.04   Prohibition of drinking on streets
   132.05   Open containers on streets prohibited
   132.06   Curfew of certain minors
   132.07   Removing or damaging monuments or signs
   132.08   Disorderly conduct prohibited
   132.09   Discharging firearms
   132.10   Gambling
   132.11   Maintaining gambling house and the like
   132.12   Betting horse races, games and the like
   132.13   Loitering; police order to disperse
   132.14   Mosquitoes
   132.15   Noises disturbing the peace
   132.16   Sound producing devices
   132.17   Distributing, printing and selling obscene literature
   132.18   Posting, advertising, signs or writing on public or private property
   132.19   Scattering or spilling material on streets
   132.20   Removing soil and the like
   132.21   Trespassing
   132.22   Weapons generally
   132.23   Beach lighting
   132.24   Franchise fee for filming
   132.25   Alcohol defined
   132.26   Commercial establishments that sell alcohol
   132.27   Refusal to vacate
   132.28   Sleeping, camping and settling in public places prohibited
   132.29   Injuring, damaging or destroying property
   132.30   Filming
   132.31   Use and distribution of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, polystyrene coolers, polystyrene food containers or cups
   132.99   Penalty
   CD and RC-1 Zoning Districts, see Chapter 157, App. A
   Nuisances, see Chapter 92