Ord.  No.   Date   Description
718   10-22-24   Part of Broad Street.
877   3-5-26   Certain streets owned by Buckeye Land Co.
1306   9-19-30   Ridgeway Street and part of Parkway Street.
1871   10-27-37   Relocating portion of Lowellville Road
1872   10-27-37   Relocating portion of Center Street.
1944   6-20-38   Portion of Hazel Street.
2521   7-11-45   Temporary relocation of Main and Hazel Streets.
2758   5-5-48   Temporary relocation of Main and Hazel Streets.
3014   1-17-51   Port Drive between Crescent Drive and Lincoln Avenue.
3339   12-16-53   6' strip of land adjacent to Lots No.  5838 and 5837.
3356   1-6-54   Alley from Lowellville Road to the Pennsylvania Railroad Co.  right of way.
3360   2-3-54   Part of Haywood Blvd.
3394   5-22-54   Southerly side of Creed Street from Fifth Street east.
3624   11-5-55   Sixth Street from Brandon Avenue to Harvey Street.
3642   12-31-55   Ninth St.  from Creed St.  to the full depth of City Lots 6170 and 6172.
3873   8-20-57   Twelfth Street between Edison and Como Streets.
3915   7-11-57   East Manor Ave.  from 250 ft.  east of Garfield Street to its easterly termini.
3916   7-11-57   Elm Street between Garfield and Walnut Streets.
4232   6-17-59   Clifton St.  from Schenley St.  south to Grimm Heights.
4354   3-16-60   Tenth Street from Sexton Street southerly to the property line of City Lot 2608.
4604   2-7-62   Sixth Street from Como Street to Brandon Avenue.
4841   12-4-63   Twelfth St.  fronting 50 ft.  on northerly side of Como St.  and back a distance of 144 ft.
4900   6-3-64   Ninth St.  between Brandon Ave.  and Harvey St.
4931   11-4-64   Ninth Street between Geneva and Edison Streets.
5012   1-5-66   Twelfth Street between Brandon Ave.  and Geneva Street.
6046   3-15-67   Twelfth Street between Edison and Geneva Streets.
6073   8-23-67   Prospect St.  between Lowellville Rd.  and its northern termini.
6074   8-23-67   Coy Street between Chestnut and Wobine Streets.
6143   10-2-68   Tenth Street north of Como Street.
6144   10-2-68   Tenth Street between Maplewood Avenue and Sexton Street.
6194   5-14-69   Part of Twelfth Street to the rear lot lines of Lots 3202 and 3203 between Brandon Avenue and Harvey Street.
6195   5-14-69   Ninth Street between Brandon Avenue and Geneva Street.
6379   5-5-71   Tenth Street between Como and Edison Streets.
6431   12-15-71   Ninth Street between Como and Wilson Streets.
6478   6-21-72   Counsel Street north of Wilhelm Street.
6498   10-4-72   Tenth Street between West Harvey and Brandon Avenue.
6519   1-3-73   Cliffway Dr. from Wetmore Dr. north to Sells Ave.
6522   1-3-73   Port Dr. between Lincoln Ave. and Youngstown-Poland Rd.
6650   6-19-74   Alley between Grandview Ave. and Euclid Ave. also between City Lots 1666 and 1658.
6733   5-21-75   Alley between Walnut St. and Euclid Ave. and between City Lots 2040, 2043 through 2054 and City Lots 2019 through 2030 and 2033.
77-6986   6-15-77   Euclid Ave. between Overlook Blvd. and Helena Dr.
77-705   211-16-77   High St. between Morrison and Spring Sts.
77-7055   12-10-77   Portion of Cliff Way from the intersection of Sells Ave. and the southeast corner of City Lot 1944.
78-7066   1-18-78   Portion of Euclid Ave. from sovtherly portion of intersection of Renee Dr. and Euclid Ave. to northerly portion of intersection of Helena Dr. and Euclid Ave.
78-7095   3-15-78   Portion of Euclid Ave. from southerly portion of intersection of Renee Dr. and Euclid Ave. to northerly portion of intersection of Helena Dr. and Euclid Ave. and repealing Ord. 78-7066.
79-7320   6-6-79   Vacating a portion of Cooper St.
79-7346   9-5-79   Vacating portion of Euclid Ave., south of intersection of Renee Dr. and Euclid Ave. approximately 126.65 feet.
81-7606   5-6-81   Vacating a portion of Delaware Ave. from Audrey Lane westerly 140 ft.
82-7775   6-2-82   Amends Ord. 6194 by eliminating conditions of easement to Ohio Edison Co.
81-7683   11-4-81   Portion of Delaware Ave. from Poland Ave. easterly 150 ft.
86-8350   10-1-86   Vacating a portion of Main St.
88-8557   6-21-88   Portion of Cooper St.
89-8690   9-20-89   Portion of Euclid Ave. between Wilson Ave. and Como St.
90-8818   10-3-90   Portion of Sixth St.
92-9093   11-4-92   Portion of Main St.
94-9354   10-25-94   Vacating a portion of Liberty St. and Union St.
96-9501   5-7-96   Oakview and Height St.
97-9630   9-2-97   Approves vacating portion of alley between 7th and 8th Sts.  bordering S from Midlothian Blvd.  to Lincoln St.
98-9699   4-7-98   Approves vacating portion of Jackson St.  from Broad St.  to Rear Lot Line 1852.
98-9700   4-7-98   Approves vacating portion of alley abutting Jackson St.
00-9917   5-24-00   Approves vacating portion of Euclid Ave. from Overlook Blvd. to Como St.
01-9979   2-28-01   12th St. from Edison St. to Geneva St.; subject to easement on behalf of City for sewer/drainage purposes; amends Ord. 6046, Sec. 1 (deleting 12th St. perpetual easement).
02-019   3-27-02   Approves vacating portion of Runge Blvd.
02-055   9-25-02   Repeals Ord. 02-019; changes description of vacated portion of Runge Blvd.
03-036   4-23-03   Portion of Tenth St. between Brandon Ave. and Geneva Ave.
03-064   9-10-03   0.0230 acres - part of vacated 20-ft. alley to be added to Lot 2908.
05-032   5-11-05   A portion of Prospect St. AKA Roberts and Alleyway between Struthers City Outlot 66 and Lots 2217, 2221, 2222 and 2223.
06-069   6-28-06   A certain portion of Lot 2204 and 5310.
13-051   12-23-13   Hazel Street, subject to this condition:  A perpetual easement be reserved in Hazel Street between the points designated for all utilities which may find it necessary to utilize said area and subject further to an easement on behalf of the City for sanitary sewer, storm sewer or drainage purposes.
18-051   6-27-18   A portion of 9th Street.