Ord.  No.   Date   Description
247   6-2-20   Marion from State to Park - Third Street; Marion from Park to Elm - Byers Street; Marion from Sexton to City limits - Metzler Street; Broad - Wilson; Wilson - Perry; Wilhelm - Argonne; Frank - Pidic; West Washington - Sikarak; East Washington - Andrew; Perry - Groner; Short - Elm; Snyder - Taylor; Grant - Fillmore; Riffle - Buchanan; Water and Glendale - Lincoln; High - Johnson; Lincoln - McIntyre; Grandview - Morris.
334   6-1-21   Marion from State to Park - Third Street; Marion from Park to Elm - Columbus; Marion from Sexton to City limits - Argonne; High - Argonne.
888   3-19-26   Lincoln from Main to Union - Cooper; Third from Elm to Midlothian - Garfield; Prospect from Oaklawn to end - Roberts.
938   9-22-26   First from State to Park - Reed; Second from State to Park - Moore; Third from State to Park - Charles; Third from Lincoln to Midlothian - Riley.
1321   11-16-31   Parkway from Center to Perry - Clyde; Smithfield from Center to City limits - Grimm Heights Avenue.
1351   9-2-31   Oaklawn from State to Midlothian  - Walton.
2138   6-7-39   Katherine from Center north into Yellow Creek Park, Cliff from Poland south into Yellow Creek Park, and connecting strip - Wetmore Drive.
2549   12-19-45   Clyde from Perry to Center - Parkway.
84-8092   11-7-84   Portion of Walnut St.  to Wildcat Alley.
02-049   6-26-02   Union St. renamed Bob Cene Way.
  07-065   11-14-07   Changing the name of East Liberty Street from the intersection of State Route 616 (Bridge Street) East to the intersection of Pearce Alley to Meshel Way in recognition of Harry Meshel’s contribution in establishing the Castlo Industrial  Park.
18-047   6-27-18   Heights St. renamed Ron Charles Way LCPL.