Ord. No.    Date       Description
82    5-7-19    Contiguous territory.
239    4-26-20    Contiguous territory; repealing Ord. passed 4-26-20.
283    2-8-21    Amending an ordinance passed 7-7-20.
739    3-4-25    Contiguous territory.
1187    5-4-28    All of Section 23 and parts of Sections 13 and 14.
1212    11-16-28    Contiguous territory.
1286    2-21-30    Contiguous territory.
1402    7-21-33    Contiguous territory.
3052    5-10-51    Contiguous territory.
3380    4-7-54    Contiguous territory.
3475    12-22-54    Annexation of 18.918 acre parcel owned by Howard C. and Ruth E. Linsenbigler and located in the northerly part of Great Lot 3 in Poland Township.
3507    4- 6-55    Annexation of 20.448 acre parcel lying west of Fifth Street and abutting the existing southerly corporation line.
3581    9-7-55    Annexation of a 18.918 acre parcel between Eighth and Tenth Streets and abutting the existing southerly corporation line.
3803    11-21-56    Annexation of the George S. Heasley parcel of 20.064 acres lying easterly of the Youngstown-Poland Road and in the north part of Great Lot 3 in Poland Township.
3820    12-5-56    Annexation of a 39.18 acre parcel partly in Great Lot 14 and partly in Great Lot 4 in Poland Township and being  known as the Carnes property.
3886    4-24-57    Annexation of a 37 acre parcel, being part of Great Lot 13 in Poland Township and bounded by City Lot 5669 and Out  Lot 105 on the north, by Homecrest Plat and Out Lot 123 on  the east, by Hamilton Heights Plat on the south and by Fifth  Street on the west.
4975    8-5-65    Annexation of a parcel, 199 ft. by 99 ft., being part of Great Lot 3 in Poland Township and adjacent to the south  line of Great Lot 2 and on east side of the Youngstown-Poland Road. 
5005    12-15-65    Accepts application of Gentile, Sandie, Pajatsch and others for annexation of a parcel of 6.219 acres and being part of  Great Lot 14 in Poland Township.
6134   7-20-68   Authorizes annexation of the following:
      Parcel No. 1 between existing corporation lines of the City of Campbell and the City of Struthers and lying east of the Struther's Liberty Rd.;
      Parcel No. 2 being bounded in part by Arrel-Smith Road, south line of Sec. 33 and 24 in Poland Township, Clingan Road, south line of Sec. 14 in Poland Township, and present southeasterly corporation limits; and
      Parcel No. 3 being bounded in part by the south line of Sec. 4 in Poland Township, Poland-Struthers Road, the following lot lines in the Lyon Park Plat:  south and west lines of Lot 1, south line of Lot 72, east line of Lots 73, 74 and 75, south line of Lots 75 and 102, west line of Lots 102 through 107, south line of lots on south side of Lyon Blvd., east line of Lots 24, 23 and 22, south line of Lot 22; Youngstown-Poland Road and the present corporation line.
82-7744   3-17-82   Accepts application of A. Cammack et al for annexation of 47.13 acres in Poland Twp.
95-9419   6-20-95   Authorizing annexation of four parcels to the City of Struthers.