A.   Every building wherein any animal is kept within the City shall be constructed of such material and in such a manner that it can be kept clean and sanitary at all times.
   B.   Every such building, if located within two hundred feet (200') of any tenement or apartment house, hotel, restaurant, boarding house, retail food store, building used for educational, religious or hospital purposes, or residence other than that occupied by the owner or occupant of the premises upon which such animal is kept, shall be provided with a watertight and fly tight receptacle for manure, of such size as to hold all accumulations of manure. The receptacle shall be emptied sufficiently often and in such manner as to prevent it from being or becoming a nuisance, and shall be kept covered at all times except when open during the deposit or removal of manure or refuse. No manure shall be allowed to accumulate on such premises except in the receptacle. (Ord. 307, 7-9-2015)