Business License Taxes
753.01   License required and tax levied.
753.02   Separate license required for each business.
753.03   Application; payment; issuance of stamp for coin-operated device.
753.04   False statements prohibited.
753.05   Record of licenses issued; destruction of records.
753.06   Conditions precedent to doing business.
753.07   Licensing not to legalize any act.
753.08   Zoning Ordinance to be complied with; responsibility of applicants for City licenses.
753.09   License as a personal privilege.
753.10   Effective change in partners or name.
753.11   Expiration date; renewal; tax prorated; fee.
753.12   Display of license.
753.13   Duplicate licenses.
753.14   Percentage penalties when business is transacted without a license.
753.15   Collection of back taxes.
753.16   Collection by action or suit.
753.17   Criminal penalties.
753.18   Prosecution for violations; injunctive relief.
753.19   License suspension and revocation; public hearings upon appeal.
753.20   Coin-operated devices.
753.21   Circuses, carnivals and other public shows.
753.22   Fortunetelling.
753.23   Junk dealers and their agents.
753.24   Hawkers and peddlers.
753.25   Pawnbrokers.
753.26   Itinerant vendors.
753.27   Theaters and public shows.
753.28   Collection agencies.
753.29   Employment agents.
753.30   Bowling alleys, billiard, pool or bagatelle tables.
753.31   Beer dealers.
753.32   Stores.
753.33   Real estate brokers, salesmen, and appraisers.
753.34   Insurance companies and agencies.
753.35   Electric power and telephone companies.
753.36   Telegraph companies.
753.37   Contractors; license fees.  (Repealed)
753.38   Solicitors and salesman’s license fee; exceptions.
753.39   Businesses not mentioned herein; services.
753.99   Penalty.
Authority to levy - see CHTR. §40; W.  Va.  Code 8-13-4
Collection of taxes - see W.  Va.  Code 8-13-15 et seq.