Records Management and Preservation
111.01   Definitions.
111.02   Records Management and Preservation Advisory  Committee.
111.03   City Records Administrator.
111.04   Powers and duties.
111.05   Promulgation of rules and regulations.
111.06   Preservation duplicates for vital records.
111.07   Safekeeping and storage of records. 
111.08   Confidential records.
111.09   Review of program.
111.10   Annual report.
111.11   Duties of agency heads.
111.12   Types of records to be preserved.
111.13   Retention and disposal  schedules.
111.14   Disposal and destruction  of records.
111.15   Nonrecord materials.
111.16   Costs assessed for reproduction or copying of records.
Public Records Management and Preservation Act - see W.Va. Code Art. 5-8