Spencer Development Authority
133.01   Purposes.
133.02   Board management and control; appointment and terms of members; vacancies; removal of members.
133.03   Qualifications of Board members.
133.04   Compensation; expenses; conflict of interest.
133.05   Authority to be a public corporation.
133.06   Powers generally.
133.07   Incurring indebtedness; rights of creditors.
133.08   Agreements in connection with obtaining funds.
133.09   Property, bonds and obligations of Authority exempt from taxation.
133.10   Contributions; funds and accounts; reports; audit and examination of books, records, and accounts.
133.11   Sale or lease of property; reversion of assets upon dissolution.
133.12   Employees to be covered by Workers’ Compensation.
133.13   Liberal construction of this article.
Municipal development authorities - see W. Va. Code Art. 7-12