133.01  PURPOSES.
   The Spencer Development Authority, hereinafter referred to as the Authority, is created to promote, develop, and advance the business prosperity and economic welfare of Spencer, West Virginia, for its citizens and its industrial complex; to encourage and assist through loans, investments, or other business transactions in the locating of new business and industry within Spencer, West Virginia, and to rehabilitate and assist existing businesses and industries therein; to stimulate and promote the expansion of all kinds of business and industrial activity, which will tend to advance business and industrial development and maintain the economic stability of the City of Spencer; provide maximum opportunities for employment, encourage thrift, and improve the standard of living of the citizens of Spencer; to cooperate and act in conjunction with other  federal, state, or local organizations in the promotion and advancement of industrial, commercial, agricultural, and recreational developments within the City of Spencer and the County of Roane; and to furnish money and credit, land and industrial sites, technical assistance, and such other aid as may be deemed requisite to approved and deserving applicants for the promotion, development, and conduct of all kinds of business activity within Spencer.
(Passed 4-5-90.)