(a)    No member of the Spencer Development Authority shall receive any compensation, whether in formal salary, per diem allowance, or otherwise, in connection with his or her services as such member. Each member shall, however, be entitled to reimbursement by the Spencer Development Authority for any necessary expenditures in connection with the performance of his or her general duties as such member.
   (b)    Each member present, during any meeting of the Authority when any question is put, shall vote, unless he or she is immediately and particularly interested therein. Before such a
question is put, any member having direct personal or pecuniary interest therein shall announce this fact and request to be excused from voting. The presiding officer of the meeting or a majority of the members present may then excuse the member from voting upon the question. The disqualifying interest must be such as affects the member directly, and not as one of a class.
(Passed 4-5-90.)