(a)   With the exception of the office of Mayor, for whom qualifications are set forth in Article V, Section 2 , each elective officer of the City shall be a resident of the City of Solon for 18 consecutive months immediately prior to the date of his election and shall be a qualified elector of his ward as of the date of his election and, during the term of his office, shall continue to be a resident of that ward and a qualified elector. He shall hold no other elected public office, except that of Notary Public or member of the State Militia or Reserve Corps of the United States, and he shall not hold public employment with the City of Solon.
   (b)   No officer of the City, elective or otherwise, shall have any financial interest in any contract with or expenditure of money by the City other than his fixed compensation and expenses for traveling. Any officer of the City who fails to comply with the requirements or qualifications of this section shall forfeit his office forthwith.
(Approved by voters 11-8-1988; 11-7-2000)