Nominations for elective offices of the City shall be made only by petition. Petitions for ward Councilperson shall be signed by not less than three percent of the number voting in said ward at the last preceding general election, and petitions for City offices-at-large shall be signed by not less than three percent of the number voting in the City at the last preceding general election. The name of each elector signing a nomination petition must appear on the registration books of the last preceding general election and the electors who sign a nominating petition for a ward Councilperson must reside in the ward of the nominee whose petition he signs. Each nominating petition shall be accompanied by the written acceptance of the nominee. Nominating petitions shall be filed with the election authorities not later than 90 days before the date set for the primary election and no nomination for any such office shall be of any effect unless made as required of this Section 1. In the event that more than two persons are nominated, as provided herein, for the office of Mayor or for the office of ward Councilperson, then a primary election shall be held on the second Tuesday in September next preceding the general election for the purpose of selecting two candidates for each such office. The two candidates for each such office shall be the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast in the primary election. The ballot used in both the primary election and the general election shall be without party mark or designation. The names of all candidates for any City office shall be placed upon the same ballot and shall be rotated in the manner provided by the laws of Ohio. Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the laws of Ohio shall govern the nomination and election of the elective officers of this City.
(Approved by voters 11-7-1972; 11-8-2005; 11-4-2008; 11-6-2012)