Editor’s note:
   As originally approved by the voters, Section 2 provided for the judicial powers of the Mayor. That Section was repealed and replaced with the present Section on November 8, 1988.
   The Mayor shall be a qualified elector of the Municipality and a resident thereof for 24 consecutive months immediately prior to the date of his election. During his term of office, he shall continue to be a resident and qualified elector of the Municipality. The position of Mayor shall be full time, and he shall hold no other elected public office. Furthermore, the Mayor shall hold no other full-time public or private employment that would interfere with his duties as Mayor of the City of Solon, except Notary Public or a member of the State Militia or Reserve Corps of the United States. The Mayor shall not be interested in the profits or emoluments of any contract, job, work or service with or for the Municipality as provided by the general laws of Ohio. If the Mayor shall cease to be a qualified elector or resident of this Municipality, such Mayor's office shall immediately become vacant.
(Approved by voters 11-8-1988)