9.12.020   Property eligible for posting.
   Any property except that portion of such property to which the general public is accorded access, may be posted against trespassing and loitering in the manner provided in Section 9.12.030 and thereby become "posted property" subject to the provisions of this chapter applicable to posted property, if such property consists of or is used or designed to be used for any one or more of the following:
   A.   Oil and Gas Facilities. An oil well, oil field, tank farm, refinery, compressor plant, absorption plant, bulk plant, pipeline, pipeline pumping station, or reservoir, or any other plant, structure, or works, used for the production, extraction, treatment, handling, storage, or transportation, of oil, gas, gasoline, petroleum, or any product or products thereof;
   B.   Gas Distribution Facilities. A gas plant, gas storage station, gas meter, gas valve, regulator station, gas odorant station, gas pipeline or appurtenances, or any other property used in the transmission or distribution of gas;
   C.   Electric Energy Facilities. A reservoir, dam, generating plant, receiving station, distributing station, transformer, transmission line, or any appurtenances used for the storage of water for the generation of hydroelectric power, or for the generation of electricity by water or steam or by any other apparatus or method suitable for the generation of electricity, or for the handling, transmission, reception, or distribution of electric energy;
   D.   Telephone and Radio Facilities. Plants, structures or facilities used for or in connection with the rendering of telephone or telegraph service or for radio broadcasting;
   E.   Water Facilities. A water well, dam, reservoir, pumping plant, aqueduct, canal, tunnel, siphon, conduit, or any other structure, facility or conductor for producing, storing, diverting, conserving, treating, or conveying water;
   F.   Explosives Facilities. The production, storage, or manufacture of munitions, dynamite, black blasting powder, gun powder or other explosives;
   G.   Railroad Facilities. A railroad right-of-way, railroad bridge, railroad tunnel, railroad shop, railroad yard, or other railroad facility.
(Prior code § 9.48.020 (Ord. 229 § 2, 1940))